Here you will find information on various procedures in Dance Manager. Remember, you can get top notch technical support Mon - Fri 10 am to 10 pm at the toll free number 800-225-7635

How do I?

Q: Reinstall Dance Manager on a new PC or after a hard drive crash?

A: The easiest method is to copy the Dance Manager folder and the desktop shortcut, onto a thumb drive and copy that folder on Drive C on the new computer. After a hard drive crash, you would download the latest version from this web site and install it. Do not run the program yet. First, find the Reset program in the Dance Manager folder on Drive C and run it. This program will ask you where your backup is located and then copy your data in place of the demonstration data that comes with the program.

Q: Create and manage multiple data paths for Dance Manager?

A: You can use Dance Manager to view different sets of data. Version 10 and above allows you to create a new data path from within the program. Click the system pull down menu and select the Create new Data path Option. Enter the new path to create and Click the Create folder button. Use the Options/Data path feature in Dance Manager to change to the new folder. You can now do year end maintenance to clear the desired information tables.

Q: Backup my data?

A: We recommend you can use a thumb drive or external hard drive to backup your data. Create five folders on either device, named Mon, Tues, Wed etc.... Select the Options/Backup Data form the Main screen. Click the Select path button to the right of the Select path to backup to edit box, and select the correct folder on the device. You can now backup to the folder for whatever day it is. We don't recommend CD's as they are not as reliable as thumb drives/Flash Drives.

Q: Contact Customer Support?

A: You can contact Customer Support at support@dancemanager.net or call 800-225-7635 M-F 10am - 10pm EST)

Q: Upgrade to version 16 and why should I?

A: Version 10 and above utilizes a more stable database format, has the ability to store and display digital photos of students, will have the ability in the near future to do automated check debiting and various other new features. Other than that the versions are almost the same and work generally the same. If you are using an older computer, we recommend you upgrade. Many  advances have been made in the Dance Manager software as well as the present day computers. Call tech support and we would be happy to advise you.

Q: Why do the student’s not show up on the Class Roll?

A: You must include a Voice phone number in the Account detail screen, for the student to appear on the Class Roll.

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